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Here's what our clients say about us:

"The Whitney Center techs are perfectionists. Their esthetic and artistry and true love for what they do distinguishes them from the rest."


"I can tell even now that the improvement to what I started with is tremendous. I was expecting it to be better, but not to this extent! The techs at the Whitney Center are true artists."


"Thank you for giving me my confidence and self-esteem back, the Whitney Center is heaven sent!"


"My eyebrows look so natural and I couldn't be happier. The talent of the Whitney Center technicians is remarkable."


"The time I spent with staff prior to my decision to have permanent makeup was just as important as the time I spent with them during my magical visits. My friends still haven't figured out why I look so wonderful!"

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The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics
Specializing in Advanced Cosmetic and Medical Tattooing

After Whitney Center eyebrow procedure
After Whitney Center eyebrow procedure
After Whitney Center eyebrow procedure
After the Whitney Center procedure

After more than fifteen successful years in the New York area, The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics Corp. would like to thank our loyal customers. The Whitney Center maintains the highest of standards on behalf of its clientele, even in our referral network. At this time we cannot make any referrals in the NYC area and instead would ask that you contact our South Florida office at 561 417 6400. You may contact Melany Whitney or The Whitney Center for Permanent Makeup, Inc. in Florida at 561-417-6400 to schedule an appointment.

The pictures and work set forth on the Whitney Center website are solely the work of Melany Whitney.

As experts in the field of permanent cosmetics and medical tattooing, serving the FL area since 2000, the Whitney Center has pioneered natural-looking long lasting permanent makeup.

The Whitney Center's expertise cannot simply be taught. It takes years of working in skin, with artistry, to understand what makes a face look naturally enhanced. Facial morphology and skin tone do not change over time, so why not draw upon the strengths of who you are now to make a more confident you today and for years to come. Permanent Makeup... it's what the Whitney Center does every day and is our only business.

The Whitney Center has been featured exclusively for our field on the CNN, ABC News, Fox 5, the NBC Today Show, Entertainment Tonight, CNN, CBS, Elle, InStyle, New Beauty, and Dr. Oz, just to name a few.

The Whitney Center stands out from the crowd of technicians by providing consistently beautiful personalized results time after time.

Our unique "Whitney Method" of color-customization provides for perfect skin tone matching and artistic natural enhancements every time. With a specialization in ethnic complexions, we stand head and shoulders above other technicians in experience and artistic style. View our brow gallery.

We Use Tattoo Coil Machines for Greater Control and Longevity

As experts in our field, we use the tattoo coil machine exclusively for our procedures. This tattooing device is more difficult to learn and so only tattoo masters will use it. The coil machine provides for more permanent results.

We know that we are among a select few permanent makeup technicians that utilize the coil machine due to the significant expertise and skill required to use it. It truly does matter which machine (coil or digital) is used for the application of your permanent makeup.

Our premium services using the coil machine result in long last cosmetic enhancement. You do get what you pay for. Your one time investment will provide years of perfection.

Board Certified Professionals = Quality Results

The Whitney Center is a physician preferred provider.

Melany Whitney is Board Certified by the American Academy of Micropigmentation and is a Certified Member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals. Our founder Melany, has additionally been recognized as a Lifetime Member with the Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals for her significant professional advancements for the industry as a whole.

Clients are Referred to Us by Prominent Plastic and Cancer Surgeons at Prestigious Hospitals

As experts in areola restoration and nipple repigmentation, the Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics® receives referrals from prominent breast centers in South FL.

Our services are for more than just creating beautiful eyebrows and faces, we help to rebuild lives and rebuild confidence after breast surgery.


Treat Yourself. Don't You Deserve the Very Best in Permanent Makeup?
  Melany Whitney, CPCP, FAAM
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