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Permanent Eyebrows In FL


Permanent Eyebrows That Will Get You Noticed Naturally

Beautiful eyebrows enhance eyes.Eyebrows frame your face and add definition beautifully. The proper placement of eyebrows will open up your eyes and often actually change the appearance of the shape of your face.

Find out more about what to expect when you use the Whitney Center.


Before: This client wanted a beautiful new brow.

After Second Color Implantation: The brow color will soften in about seven days. A beautiful result!

Before: A better brow shape was needed.

After: Beautiful new enhanced shaped hairline stroke brow, and color softening by 25% in a few days.



Before: This client needed help with position and width.

After Second Color Implantation: A huge improvement in placement and width of brows. The brow color will lighten in about a week.

Before: This client had sparse brow hair.

Immediately After: Natural looking color and shape provide a new beautiful result. The redness will disappear in about one hour and the color will soften in about one week.

Before: This young woman was looking for a permanent solution for a prettier brow shape.

After: New soft beautiful brows that really enhance and beautify her eyes.

Before: This client was drawing on eyebrows. She had very little eyebrow hair.

Healed: The Whitney Center added the illusion of eyebrow hair with a wonderful simulation with permanent makeup.

Before: This client came to us with pink eyebrows. The eyebrows done by another technician discolored over time.

Immediately After: The new color and shape adds beauty to her face.

Healed and Ready for the Second Color Layer: This image shows the color healed after the first implantation.

Before: This client wanted a correctly shaped and complete brow line.

After Permanent Eyebrow Procedure: The client has a beautiful arch that opens up and accentuates her eyes. The color will heal softer in just a few days.

Blondes, have no fear! The Whitney Center can give you a beautiful natural colored hairline feathered brow. Your brows don't have to disappear, they can be a shade that is just right to complement your facial skin tone. We've grouped some of our recent work for blondes here. Look for more brunettes after these eight blonde clients.

Blonde and Beautiful Before

Blonde and Beautiful After

Blonde and Beautiful Before: This client wanted to enhance her eyes and brows.

Blonde and Beautiful Immediately After Permanent Eyebrow and Eyeliner Procedure: A beautiful new look with no down time.

Blonde and Beautiful Before

Blonde and Beautiful After New Eyebrows and New Eyeliner: a wonderful soft new look that the accentuates eyes.

Blonde and Beautiful Before: This client needed brow definition as her brows faded into her skin.

Blonde and Beautiful After: Lovely, natural, taupe eyebrows with the perfect shape! Added new eyeliner too (swelling of the eyelids will decrease within one day).

Blonde and Beautiful Before: This client needed brows colored to highlight her eyes.

Blonde and Beautiful After: What a difference beautifully shaped eyebrows make for blondes. The focus is now drawn to her eyes.

Blonde and Beautiful Before: This client needed brow definition.

Blonde and Beautiful After: What a difference beautifully shaped eyebrows make for this blonde. Her face even takes on a new youthful look.

Blonde and Beautiful Before: Client was looking for a more beautiful brow.

Blonde and Beautiful After: A lovely new look that adds beautiful emphasis to her eyes. Eyebrow color has been matched to complement skin tone.

Blonde and Beautiful Before: This client wanted an enhanced brow.

Blonde and Beautiful Immediately After: Her brow color will heal softer in about seven days. The Whitney Center consistently provides natural-looking permanent eyebrows for clients.

Before: This client wanted to add more color to her face.

Immediately After Permanent Eyebrow Procedure: No matter what you do in life, well-shaped and beautifully defined eyebrows enhance your appearance. Our construction engineer client couldn't agree more!

Before: This is how the client had been drawing on eyebrows.

Immediately After: Client has improved shape that compliments her eyes.

Before Second Layer: Shows how eyebrow color softened in the period of one month.

Before: This client was drawing on her eyebrows.

Fixing a Disaster: The client paid for a poor permanent makeup procedure with another technician. Crooked lines were drawn that were suppose to mimic eyebrows. Additionally the pigment used turned pink.

One Month Later: This photo was taken one month post first pigment implantation of permanent makeup done by an expert at the Whitney Center. Note the brow shape is perfect for her face. It is fuller with hairline strokes, and gives a soft and natural look. We can fix pink and green disastrous applications but charcoal gray, blue and black eyebrows will have to be lasered off before we can do an eyebrow repair.

Before: This client had been drawing on her brows.

Immediately After First Color Implant: A new beautiful look. No downtime! The client had a great look right after the first procedure.

With Glasses: Even with her glasses on, this client's brows give her face a beautiful new appearance.

Before: This client wanted a filled-in more defined brow.

Totally Healed: Wonderful color and definition was achieved for this client. The image was taken one month after the perfecting session. She loved the finished look so much she sent her Mom to us too!

Before: This is what you get for $500 eyebrows at other service providers.

After: The Whitney Center repaired another tech's mistakes. Color will soften in about one week.

Close Up: This is a close up of the Whitney Center's single stroke eyebrow hair simulation. It's hard to tell the created eyebrow hairs ones from the real ones.

Close Up: View of a brow pre-procedure.

Close Up: The finished brow. A look so natural it is difficult to tell real hairs from the Whitney Center's artistry!


The WC delivers consistent beauty in eyebrow tattooing never just fills in gaps... but instead accentuates the strengths of your face and creates the brow with our talents and expertise an aesthetic that works best for your facial morphology and skin tone.

If you have little or no eyebrow hair, you will be amazed at the change that permanent eyebrows can make in your appearance.

At your first appointment, you will experience the Whitney Center's unique artistry. Our technician will create your permanent eyebrows with hair stroke simulation (not just a color fill-in of a brow that may be incorrectly shaped). Read a special article about how we decide the shape for your brows.

At your second perfecting session our expert will add a second layer of color to provide longevity and enhance the shape, assuring the natural results you desire. Each two hour visit, (spaced one month apart to allow for your skin to heal properly), allows our professionals the time to analyze your face, skin, and bone structure, in order to create the best look for you personally. We never rush our artistic application.

The staff at the Whitney Center are much more than makeup artists. We solely practice advanced cosmetic and medical tattooing every day! We are not aestheticians or cosmetologists. Our staff has a passion for helping people look and feel their best. "We want to boost your self esteem and help you achieve your natural magnificence." The Whitney Center's cosmetic artistry is unmatched according to thousands of clients we have serviced over a decade.

As you review other technicians' photo galleries keep in mind that what others show on their websites may be one or two okay looking brows, but then you may also see solid unnatural-looking  brows, or possibly you just see one brow and not the other. At the Whitney Center, we create natural-looking hairline stroke brows consistently!

Closeup of hair strokesThe Whitney Center For Permanent Cosmetics provides premium services. Superior work equals quality results. A multi session procedure is necessary for perfection and longevity. (Prices vary upon the individual and your location, view our pricing.) Superior work equals quality results.

We know that our services cost more than those provided by some other technicians, but we believe the results that our professionals provide are worth the additional investment. This investment will provide a return every day as you look in the mirror. The real difference is in the quality of our results as evidenced from the women that follow.

With permanent eyebrows, there is virtually no "down-time". The "after" photos have been taken right after the permanent eyebrow procedure has been completed. The implanted color will be slightly darker for the first two to three days until the top layer exfoliates resulting in a softer more natural appearance of the brow. Healing is usually completed in the first five days. You never can imagine how a brow can make a complete difference in how you look... it's you but prettier!

The artists at the Whitney Center are experts in brow selection and permanent makeup application on Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic, and other ethnic skin types.

In order to simulate eye brow hair our  Whitney Center technique of implanting single "hair strokes" which three-five days post our  procedure will SOFTEN and BLEND so every client will have a eyebrow that looks so natural that no one can tell its implanted pigment and not your own hair.

The WC delivers consistent beauty in eyebrow tattooing never just fills in gaps... but instead accentuates the strengths of your face and creates the brow with our talents and expertise an aesthetic that works best for your facial morphology and skin tone.

We are sorry but we cannot guarantee corrections on permanent cosmetic work that is performed by another technician. Please choose wisely before undertaking any "permanent" cosmetic procedure.

An Important Consideration. As you shop around make sure you ask your prospective technician to show you images of their real work with before, after, and healed photos. Make sure you know what you will get before they start a procedure. Don't forget to ask if they are using their own client's photos in their portfolio of work.

If a technician does not show his/her work on line, you should question why. If they are using stock photos to represent the kind of work they can do, that should be a warning sign to you that their work may not be up to par or that they are too new in the business to have client photos.

We prefer, at the Whitney Center, to use a traditional coil machine for our procedures. By using a coil machine, we can assure that the color we implant remains in the skin for many years. Technicians that use a digital machine may deliver feathered brows and soft eyeliner, but the color will not have the staying power as that delivered by a coil machine. Remember, you do get what you pay for when it comes to permanent makeup.

Treat Yourself. Don't You Deserve the Very Best in Permanent Makeup?
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