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Permanent Lip Color and Permanent Lip Liner In FL

Permanent Lip Color Means No More Lipstick!

We all want beautiful and full rosy lips. Few women are so lucky. Redefinition of an irregular lip line can be accomplished with a permanent lip liner procedure or full permanent lip color procedure for permanently beautiful lips 24/7 without lipstick.

With permanent lip color and/or lip liner, you can always enhance or change your permanent lip color with lipstick if desired, but you can feel confident that your enhanced lips will look great all the time.

Read a special article on how our experts create the perfect lip shape and color for your face.


Before: This Client wanted and needed a soft lip color with definition.

After: Immediately after color implantation,lips are full of color until the top layer flakes off usually in four days. The Client felt comfortable enough to return to her regular work schedule right after the procedure.

Healed: Now the Client's lips have the desired soft natural pink lip color with Melany's special reshaped beauty.

Before: This client's lips had lost their color from sun damage.

After: Lovely natural-looking lips with improved shape and definition.

Before: This client wanted to reshape her lips for a fuller appearance.

One Month After: New volume with soft color achieved on upper lip (no fillers now needed) with enhanced bottom lip. The second session will provide "perfection".


Before: This client wanted full permanent lip color and permanent lip liner.

After: A wonderful new lip shape that enhances her face beautifully and permanently.


Before: This client wanted full permanent lip color and permanent lip liner.

After: Wonderful natural-looking permanent lip color results.

Before: This client wanted permanent lip color.

After: Beautiful permanent lip color makes a permanent more youthful and beautiful new appearance for this client.


Before: This woman had lips that have lost fullness and color with age.

After: After one month and before the second layer of color was applied. The client had a more youthful lip appearance with incredible retention of color and lip shape enhancement. All this was achieved after only one procedure of color implantation.


Lip Line With Shadedown

Before: This procedure is recommended for clients that have color in their lips but want better lip definition.


Immediately After: Wonderful results were achieved by Melany with a lip line and "shadedown" into her natural lip color.


Healed After One Month: Just prior to the last perfecting session the lips are beautifully lined for definition blending into her natural color.


Before: This client wanted to gain back a definition to her lip line which she had lost over time.

Immediately After: With a lipline shadedown effect, our client had regained lip definition and subtle color was "shaded down" into her lip to match her existing color.


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